Trailer Needed (MD to TN) Chrysler/TMI 26 Swing Keel

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Trailer Needed (MD to TN) Chrysler/TMI 26 Swing Keel

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Hello Fellow Chrysler Owners,

I'm looking for a trailer that I could use to haul my 1981 Chrysler/TMI 26 (w/ Swing Keel) from Maryland to Nashville, Tennessee in the next month. I would be able to return it two weeks after the trip.

Vehicle will tow up to 9500 lbs. I understand my boat is 5500 lbs, plus trailer.

Any help or recommendation would be very much appreciated.

Also, my hull was painted with Pettit Hydrocoat, which worked well in the brackish water of Northern Chesapeake Bay, which would be placed on the dry every winter. The boat will now live year round, in the fresh waters of the Cumberland, and it's lakes/tributaries. I'm thinking I'll need to scrub/sand off the former paint and repaint with whatever anti-foul paint is recommended before floating her.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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