Help getting water out of my hull

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Help getting water out of my hull

Postby Richo » Sun May 12, 2019 2:49 pm

Hello everybody. I’m finely starting to work on my new C22, well new to me. Haha. I found an access
Hole under the sliding galley today and some water in the hull under the sole. I siphoned out what I could but there’s a stringer in my way to get the rest. Any advice on getting the water out of the hull? I know nothing about boats. This is my first one. I figure there’s no better way to learn that first hand. :shock: My thoughts are to lower or raise the tongue of the trailer with a car jack so all the water runs to one end of the boat and then cut an acsess hole in the sole to siphon it out. Do you guys see a problem with this? Is there any horizontal stringers or foam that would stop all the water from flowing to one end? Also I crawled back to look in the coffin and I didn’t see a bilge. Do this boats not have one?

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Re: Help getting water out of my hull

Postby Asr » Sun Sep 29, 2019 5:43 pm

I have / had the same problem with my C22. With difficulty I managed to suction most of it out but that was not a long term solution. There is no bilge space for an electric pump, from what I can tell. I intend to drill a 6" circular /hole in the liner near the V berth where I would maintain a bilge accessible cavity. The occasional leaks from the toe rail and station mounts all trickles beneath the cabin liner. The risk with this is that any water settling there can slowly rot or saturate the keel mount area. Of all the places I want dry, this spot is very important.

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