Need a furling jib

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Need a furling jib

Postby sipidel » Sat Jun 17, 2017 2:28 am

Hello friendly Chrysler sailors, I am hailing from Europe (Romania) where I sail my 1976 Chrysler 22 on the Black Sea. I fell in love with the boat in the US while getting my PhD, bought it, and had her shipped back home.

I recently fitted a jib furling system so now I need a furling sail, preferably a 150 genoa. I have a hard time getting it made here, the closest sail lofts are in Istanbul and Greece :-)

I tried contacting a few sail lofts in the US, but for various reasons they don't want the job. Do any of you have any experience with this? Can you suggest a sailmaker in the US that would be willing to make a furling jib for such a small boat?

Please don't worry about sending the sail over to Europe, I have many friends in the US who can send it to me or even bring it over, so the sailmaker can certainly ship the sail to a US address.

Thank you and happy sailing!


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Re: Need a furling jib

Postby norm6804 » Thu Dec 14, 2017 9:54 am

Good afternoon Stefan,

There are a couple other threads on here about the Sail Warehouse, link provided ( ... l&cart_id=)

The have what you're looking for.

Good luck.


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