Replacement plywood

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Gary w/C26 & LS13
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Replacement plywood

Post by Gary w/C26 & LS13 »

The plywood that is the rear berth in my C26 must be replaced. Along with the underside of the cockpit sole. Assuming I stop the cockpit leak - does anyone know if these areas were originally built using exterior grade or marine grade plywood?
I’d like to use exterior grade for cost savings. Any suggestions?
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Re: Replacement plywood

Post by brigadoon »

Hi Gary,
I’m not an experienced expert by any means but I have replaced decks on fresh water motor boats and pontoon boats as a boat mechanic using ground contact “green plywood” . That is what was originally used on the pontoon boats. I think that would work well. If you do a iittle research at the local library you will likely come up with a good answer. It should only take one sheet of plywood so for the amount of work involved it isn’t worth cutting corners. Many original decks are made with end grain balsa wood or honey comb (baisicly cardboard ) and depend on a waterproof fiberglass coat for waterproof integrity to preserve strength , that’s why a leak around penetrations results in soft or spongy decks. Good luck
Rick ,SV Brigadoon.
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