1979 Chrysler 26

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curtis conner

1979 Chrysler 26

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I am really happy that I found this web page. I have a Chrysler 26 (1979) and I'f like to find out if there is a model name and if there is any kind of a rating (like how in the sense of sailing and construction) as compared with other lighty displacement boats.

It seems like a really sturdy vessel to me, although it has osme leaks around the windows and some of the fittings.

I am collecting articles or information about the Chryrsler 26 nd am taking various photos of mine e.g. the top of the mast, the sheeves (which incidentally is not the typical size although Ihave found the manufactorers of the correct size sheeve).

Anyways I thought I'd introduce myself and state that the name of my boat is the Shenandoah. I did see another Chryler in the Cheasapeak Bay near Urbanna VA, I think it had TMI or TCI written on it. I assume it's rel :lol: ated to Chryler s it certainly looks the same as the Chrysler does.

Is a Chrysler and official classic yet? The name of my boat is the Shenandoah. I called it this as originally I am from Virginia and sail in the Cheaspeak Bay every couple of years.

Anyways that's me and my boat

Curtis Also I am not sure what BBCode means
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