1977 Chrysler 26 parts

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1977 Chrysler 26 parts

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Hey folks, I have a Chrysler 26 which is about to go to the scrap yard. I hate to see the entire boat go to waste so if anybody is looking for that rare part reply here and we'll work out a price. Most objects will go for just a little over what it takes to compensate me for my time removing and mailing it. If you live near Annapolis, MD you're welcome to remove the part and/or pick it up yourself for just a small cost (just get my okay first :D). The boat goes for scrap August 1st so get it while it's hot.

The only items not going dirt cheap are the brand new Yamaha 9 hp engine (20 hours!), the auto-tiller, and the brand new sails (North Sails). These will go for about 50% to 75% of what I paid.

The previous owner removed the stove so I can't help you there and it only has a porta-potty, so no marine head. The cushions are not in very good shape so you probably shouldn't ask for them unless you're desperate.

Mike Richards
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