Outboard for C26

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Ira Madsen
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Outboard for C26

Postby Ira Madsen » Wed Aug 09, 2017 6:10 pm

My 1979 9.9 long-shaft Chrysler outboard is no longer reliable. I intend to replace it with a new 4 stroke. The 'Sailor' outboards appear to have been designed to fit the transom of the C26. In particular, the top of the engine case is flattened in the front, fitting the transom aperture perfectly when lifted from the water.

So, in shopping for a replacement, do I need to consider the cowl size? Are there motors in the 10hp range that will fit the C26 without modifications?

Surely, other owners have already been thru this! What brand/size outboard is on your C26? All input appreciated.

Ira J Madsen
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Re: Outboard for C26

Postby NYCSAILOR » Tue Jul 23, 2019 4:28 pm

Long ago I stopped using the OEM Sailor chrysler outbid -- ( I still keep it int he corner of the storage shed -- don't know why -- it has been sitting the for over 20 years --sentimental I guess and a weird obsession to keep everything poem from the boat) - I glassed in the rear transom and then installed a conventional raise/lower OB bracket and I have a Suzuki - 9.9 four stroke -- electric start with a alternator to charge the battery... very heavy though
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Re: Outboard for C26

Postby Zigzag » Sun Oct 11, 2020 8:28 am

Ira, what did you do in the end?
I have the same problem now. My Yamaha 9.9 is due for retirement. Since I'd like to use my 1978 C26 for racing, I need to tilt the engine out of the water. Couldn't do that with the Yamaha. I want a 4 stroke. I'm told that all 9.9hp 4 stroke have a big cowling, therefore won't fit in the rectangular opening of the transom.
Anybody else has any advice?

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