Water coming up the rudder up/down lines.

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Water coming up the rudder up/down lines.

Postby matthewmirow1 » Thu Sep 15, 2022 8:04 am

Hello all,very new to this. Just going to throw that out there.

The issue is while underpower with a 9.9hp fourstroke anything more then in gear I will get a water fall stream coming up my rudder stick and out the holes the lines used to pull up and down the rudder. My only guess is the rudder isn’t allowing for full extension. Which then allows the water to travel up the post. Has anyone had this issue? Granted the water just runs out the back but it’s kinda annoying.

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Re: Water coming up the rudder up/down lines.

Postby brigadoon » Sun Oct 09, 2022 6:23 am

I don’t know what model boat you have , I have a c26. I haven’t ever had that issue running the same engine you have. Are you overloaded in the stern or perhaps taking on water in the stern ? The rudder not being fully down would open the tube to water intrusion. Hope you find the issue, l’ve never heard this mentioned before.
Rick,SV Brigadoon

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